Man of Steel (Short) Review

I’ll keep this short as most of you will have already seen this movie no doubt. The truth is when you’re watching it you aren’t surprised to learn that Zack Snyder, he of Watchmen fame, is the director. You’re also not surprised that David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan both wrote the story.

The reason you’re not surprised by any of this is because what Man of Steel lacks is anything new. It has the darkness of the recent Batman films (also penned by Goyer and Nolan) and it has the stylistic tendencies of Watchmen and 300 (both directed by Snyder).

The story delves a little into the background of Clark Kent, I’m not a graphic novel reader so can’t tell you how true it is to the original story, I’d be interested to know though. What you get is much more of a back story to the man, much more reasoning then what we saw in the first Superman Christopher Reeve films.

As the story progresses we get General Zod, played by the excellent Michael Shannon, and his cronies arrive on Earth to take over the planet and turn it into Krypton two as their planet is no more.

There are many CGI battles, many plot holes and many “wait…did I miss the bit where he…” and ultimately these build up to let the film down.

No-one seems to have been able to re-boot Superman since the Reeve days and on this showing, I hope no-one else bothers.


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