The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (mini) Review

To say I wasn’t expecting this to be great (or incredible) would be an understatement. The movie certainly isn’t incredible and I’m not sure I could call it great either, but if you forgive the formulaic story, it does have some moments that will make you laugh.

The story follows Burt, played by Steve Carrell and Anton, played by Steve Buscemi, as they start as geeky young school children who discover magic and then go on to become the greatest things in Vegas, playing at the top hotel for many years.

The trouble is, as magic changes, as times change, the pairing lose touch with what’s cool and relevant and start to get overshadowed by Steve Gray, played by Jim Carrey, who’s the Dynamo or David Blaine equivalent. He does street magic and cuts himself and does everything Burt and Anton don’t.

As I said, the story is formulaic and generally it isn’t anything you haven’t seen before but, for a little over 90 minutes of your life there’s a lot worse you could watch, although obviously there’s a lot better.

I guess you could say that Carrell isn’t used to his best, Buscemi stays in the background a bit too much and James Gandolfini is funny as the hotel owner but could have been given more.

But if you’re stuck for something to watch, it’s a Sunday afternoon, stick it on, cringe, laugh then turn it off and forget all about it.


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