Eddie (The Sleepwalking Cannibal) Review (& A Bonus Identity Thief Review Too)

In TV we’re getting used to the traditional ‘bad guy’ actually being more the good guy and, not only that, but we’re actually rooting for them now. Programmes like Dexter lead the way with this and others have tried to follow suit.

Movies however have been slightly slow on the uptake on this material. Now, with Eddie (the sleepwalking cannibal), it feels like they’ve arrived.

Eddie is all about Lars, played by Thure Lindhardt, a painter in his native Denmark he comes to Canada to teach at a school and hopefully find inspiration. It’s the inspiration part were Eddie comes into things.

Eddie, played by Dylan Scott Smith, is a mute who, when he’s stressed or upset, sleepwalks and eats things – in case you didn’t get that from the title.

This is a dark horror comedy, the kind of thing you’d expect Britain to make rather than a joint Canadian/Danish venture. The tone for the movie is set straight from the get-go with the killing of a wild animal in the opening scene.

The film is well shot, it uses sound and music very well, there’s a radio station DJ talking and playing music who book-ends the film which works very well.

You perhaps don’t laugh as much as you could and the gore is a little nineties but for 90 minutes you could do a lot worse, such as Identity Thief, which I started to watch, realised I’d made my dinner, eaten it and not laughed once so I switched it off again.

Eddie misses the mark a couple of times and perhaps should have been a little more ‘punchy’, it could have had…ok I’m going to say it; it could have had a little more teeth!

Having said that writer, director Boris Rodriguez has produced a nice little film he can be proud of.


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