Grabbers Review – An Irish Horror Comedy

Grabbers sees a small Island off the coast of Ireland invaded by bloodsucking aliens. Called Grabbers, as they shoot out a tongue-like appendage and suck the blood from their prey, or they leap at you and grab your face, the residents discover that in order to fend off the attack, all they need to do is get drunk.

Sounds simple enough and, in truth, the film doesn’t stretch boundaries, it doesn’t give us anything we haven’t seen before, I mean, who hasn’t seen an Irishman drunk (that’s a joke by the way). But what it does give us is a horror comedy that makes a refreshing change from recent UK films that have gone all serious and Kings Speech on us.

Where Grabbers succeeds is in the good cast led by Richard Coyle as the alcoholic local police man, Ruth Bradley as the newcomer to the Island and Russell Tovey who shines as the posh, English, local marine ecologist. There are also some, surprisingly excellent, special effects that help the movie stand out from the usual low budget dross we have come to expect. The CGI ensures that when you’re laughing at the movie it’s at the right parts, not the dodgy effects.

And laugh you will as the residents get drunker and drunker to fend off the invasion even bringing weapons to the party such as a flame-thrower, a super-soaker filled with petrol, and a gun, a pellet gun with no pellets. Needles s to say neither work particularly well! There’s also a love story running throughout the film which gets more screen time then you’d expect but doesn’t take away from what is an excellent comedy horror movie.

Grabbers won’t surprise you in terms of story, it doesn’t push boundaries or break the mould, but for an hour and a half of your time it will make you laugh, it will make you smile and it will delight. Even if it’s just to hear an old Irish woman try and stand up, fall back down and announce: “I’m pissed”.

Post originally seen on 24 Frames Per Second.


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