A Load Of Hot Stones And Fat Chips

Think spa, and giant pebbles probably don’t immediately spring to mind. But one of the best treatments I’ve ever had at a spa is the traditional hot stone massage. If you’re already a fan of the classic massage, or don’t really respond to the usual finger prodding, try stones – the therapist coats you in oil before using a hot smooth stone in each hand to firmly stroke and massage your body. The heat is an added bonus to removing any knots, my shoulder blades had never felt so free.

I had my latest hot stones treatment at the Macdonald Bath Spa hotel, with my friend Miss Spa Girl. The general spa environment was average, and I’m never a fan of children allowed in spa swimming pools, but there you go. What was really nice was the service, we were met throughout the day by a succession of pleasant people, which isn’t always a given in a chain hotel environment. I would have sold my soul to keep my therapist on tap, but that might have been my post-treatment euphoria (although she was fantastic).

It was therefore nice to continue a sensory-filled day with dinner at Cowshed, a Bristol hotspot on the Whiteladies Road. Miss Spa Girl and I reminisced about old times by parking on the street we lived on at Bristol University, and shaking our heads at all the changes to our old haunts (honestly, five years away isn’t that long, is it?). As a red meat girl, I love steak, but only a *good* steak, and Cowshed definitely delivered. We all commented that the described ‘fat chips’ were more ‘obese chips’ which can only ever be a good thing where chips are concerned.

A trip to an old uni-favourite bar made us feel, if not old, then definitely ‘grown up’, perching on hard seats and attempting a serious conversation about customer service values over the loud music. Honestly, with those types of conversations, and a penchant for massage and a good quality spa robe, I really am turning into my mother.

Bath Spa Hotel.
Cowshed Bristol.

Hot Stones