So I’m back from my Wiltshire retreat and straight back into the swing of London things. Which firstly means finding somewhere to eat on a Friday night. Cue an hour or so trawling the Time Out pages, taking in the obligatory ‘you’ve GOT to go here’ recommendations and looking at the latest Grace Dent column in the ES magazine. And a common theme is Shrimpy’s, the not-so-new hotspot in the King’s Cross Filling Station behind St Pancras. So, with an office recommendation of ‘trying the crab burger’ off to Shrimpy’s we go.

After an afternoon of team-bonding at the Light Show at the Hayward Gallery (worth a look, incidentally) and a tad too much wine at Skylon afterwards (also good) I was starving, hoping to arrive at the restaurant and start mainlining shoestring fries. The menu certainly wasn’t disappointing, I honed in on the aforementioned soft shell crab burger, with a side of macaroni cheese. Although no description is given, the menu is at least loosely Latin American, with a strong ‘classic American’ bent, and the cocktail list looked good, even if I didn’t succumb (I stuck to Hibiscus Lemonade after the earlier excesses).

The space isn’t huge, and laid out with seats around a counter/bar, and more smaller tables dotted around the edges of the room. A sticking point was the service, although seated at the counter and in clear view of the chefs, bar staff and waitresses, we waited a while to have plates cleared, and had to all but trip up a passing and unwitting waiter to get a pudding menu. It was a good thing we got hold of one though, as my choice of peanut butter and banana ‘sandwich’ was a bowl of sticky, calorific delight.

It’s a shame the KXFS isn’t a wider mix of bars and restaurants. It’s in a bit of no-man’s-land and it would have been nice to have a neighbouring bar with the same vibe in which to carry on the evening. When the bill came, it wasn’t cheap, and to be honest I would have probably been just as happy in a Wahaca. Although the soft shell crab was to die for. And for some that’s definitely enough to get them there.

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