I am cursed with less than desirable posture. A slightly over-arched lower back, tight shoulder blades and a general desk-bound stoop mean that I am prone to aches and pains across my neck and back in a way that is slightly embarrassing to my twenty-six years.

In recent months the tightness has become unbearable, and without suing my company for an Eames chair, I need more manageable respite from the aches and bad posture than a semi-regular yoga class. In this case, all hail the art of a good massage.

To my own good fortune, I have experienced a few massages in my time, some traditional, some therapeutic, some with hot stones and some with scrubs and wraps and other exciting potions. Finding one that gets right to the offending knots is often not as simple as it seems. However, today I met Becky at the lovely little Bliss salon, who confidently told me she ‘didn’t do wimpy massages’ and who met my cynicism about any remedy for my back of knots with no nonsense nonchalance. An hour later she has forced a good percentage of the tension into oblivion, before telling me to drink lots of water to ‘flush out the energy caused by the knots’ (who knew?)

I don’t think a massage should be seen as a luxury, for plenty of us who are now desk-bound and prone to slouching it is often the only thing that can really shift the weight from our shoulders.