Laure Prouvost

I’ve seen the whimsical signs before, but not attributed them to anyone in particular. Then a feature in this month’s ELLE magazine brought Laure Prouvost to my attention, the creator and curator of the below piece.

Although we’re often hounded to believe otherwise, art is completely subjective. Someone’s magnificent Manet in someone else’s ‘woman staring into camera’ or ‘people having picnic’. I love David Hockney, someone else might not be able to see the magic that I do. It’s not a problem, it’s just the joy of art.

Thus, I can’t tell you why I like Laure Prouvost’s work – just that I do. I couldn’t tell you much about the artist, but Wikipedia always helps out on these occasions. She’s French, but lives in London, has exhibited at a number of hallowed contemporary galleries and works on both art and film installations.

She has a variety of work, but the witty, sometimes nonsensical signs are fun, and light, and I’d quite like one in my house. And really, that’s a good start for art.

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Laure Prouvost