Louis Vuitton

You always know you’ll get a good show with Louis Vuitton. There is usually a central installation to complement the collection’s theme or inspiration (most memorably a full vintage steam train from which the models disembarked) and for Autumn Winter 2013 a plush hotel corridor lined with doors became the show’s home.

For me the collection felt like a more Parisienne version of the Marc Jacobs show of a few weeks ago, a beautiful concoction of nightwear, intricate detailing like beading and lace, vintage pyjama and masculine outerwear influences and luxurious fur. As the models left and entered the doors they evoked thoughts of secret trysts at hotels, of late night drinks in the bar at Claridge’s circa 1925 and Hitchcock heroines playing with the luxury of ‘staying in’.

The set proved to be a fantastic visual, watching on the live stream lost none of the mystique and grandeur that the show required, although who knows how many rehearsals it took to perfect the models many simultaneous entrances and exits from the Orwellian row of doors.

The Autumn Winter 2013 collections felt, on a whole, much more decadent and sumptuous than the general light-heartedness of Spring Summer 2013. There is something about winter that embraces passion, luxury and decadence perfectly. And I would certainly spend my Autumn Winter in Marc Jacob’s late night vintage world.

Louis Vuitton

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