Oh Phoebe…

Phoebe Philo. The woman in whose head we want to live. Or more accurately, the woman we want to be, purely to have our hands on such an exquisitely Parisienne yet utterly wearable style. Celine is now synonymous with beautifully cut fabrics, effortless outfits and elegant simplicity, but for AW13 Phoebe Philo stepped it up again, and as I whizzed through the images from the show my heart leapt at every look. And then sank a little when it realised the closest I’m going to get to the new pieces anytime soon is by printing them out from style.com and sticking them to myself.

Below are two looks I fell in love with, but really you could say that about the whole collection. I need to cut this review short as otherwise the gushing will get too much to bear, needless to say the skirts, tops, draped dresses, check, texture and mohair that made up the collection were exquisite, desirable and one of the reasons that the fashion world tours four cities twice a year searching for the, well, the je ne sais quois the industry craves so much. Because as is so tantalisingly infrequent, sometimes really good fashion gets even better. Thank god for Phoebe Philo.


See the full collection on style.com