Utopia Review

I’m not a fan of Ricky Gervais particularly, I don’t really find him that funny. However there is one thing that you have to give him and that is that he knows when to end a series. He could have let most, if not all, of his series run and run and people probably would have watched them. But he didn’t, he chose to end them, go out on a high.

When I was watching Utopia and I mean really watching it, I recorded each one and watched it when I had the time, giving it all my attention which is much more than most of you can say. Recent statistics show that the vast majority of us text, Tweet, Facebook or generally surf the web whilst we’re “watching” TV. Anyway I digress.

When I was watching Utopia I felt like it was a one-off, a one-off of a few episodes obviously but a one-off anyway.

The series was great; dark, very well shot particularly the use of colours going from vibrant yellows and blues to darker colours between scenes. The acting was good and the writing with its twist after twist was fantastic.

But all the time I was watching the series I thought it was a one-off, I thought at the end of it, in some form or other, things would be resolved, or perhaps not everything – that would be ok too.

However as I began to watch the final episode, episode six, I realised something, I realised they weren’t going to end it. I realised they were going to leave at least one thing open, I realised there was going to be more.

At this point I began to switch off, I began to not care. I didn’t want this. There was no need to drag this on. The mini-series we’ve had was brilliant but that’s all it was, a mini-series. Dragging it out further, creating more of these just felt like it was going to start getting diluted.

Very few series can maintain the brilliance they start with. Now don’t misunderstand, I hope I’m wrong, I’ll begin to watch the next series, I hope it’s as different as this one has been (and different from this one at the same time), I hope it rocks. But I wish I didn’t have to hope at all, I wish I just had the memory of a great series that knew when to end.