London Fashion Week

Working for a brand that shows as part of London Fashion Week means my time is well and truly taken. I barely have a chance to glance at any other brands on schedule, and even then it’s mostly to review their digital efforts and see what their live stream is like. The idea of a fashion ‘week’ is now an anomaly to me – it now revolves around one day of the show I work on, and then fades into a couple of days of sleepiness and debriefs. Recently however I have tried to make more of an effort to see what ‘Carli’ thinks of other collections, for the sheer joy of fashion I used to have and not for competitor analysis or critique. It’s hard: I start trying to work out which models different designers use the most or how they use their Instagram account rather than appreciating good embroidery or a covetable bag.

I chose two of my old favourites to just sit and gaze at, and see which looks I liked. Erdem and Peter Pilotto, both of whom are in my ‘when I’m a grown up I will wear’ brain folder. And what good shows just to like for the joy of good clothes! I’ve always been a fan of Erdem florals, and his newest collection, although (deliberately) darker than before, in palette and in styling, it was an exquisite sight to behold. I’ve long been trying to break out of my wardrobe of black, and the idea of a full printed Erdem floral look is enough to give my wardrobe pleasant shivers.

Meanwhile Peter Pilotto felt familiar but developed, with signature bold graphic prints and innovative shapes and cuts. A got a touch of the Mary Katrantzou about the collection, but that’s no bad thing.

Hopefully I’ll never be too fed up with fashion week to appreciate true talent and the beauty of clothes. Because among the technology, the live streams and the all-singing all-dancing budget-stretching LFW initatives, that’s really what it’s all about.

London Fashion Week

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