There isn’t a friend who knows me who doesn’t know that I am completely smitten kitten with London’s chain of Polpo restaurants. It started with supper at Da Polpo in Covent Garden a couple of years ago, and now I’ve been to each outpost, raving about the food, the atmosphere and the completely amazing amazingness. And no sadly, I don’t get free food for saying all that.

The last restaurant to tick off my list was Spuntino, which is Italian for snack. But any preconceptions about ‘just having a snack’ went right of the window as soon as we sat down at the bar. Everyone sits at the bar in Spuntino, there are no tables. The wine comes in tiny carafes and the menu, unlike Polpo, has a decidedly retro American twist. We had macaroni cheese, buttermilk fried chicken, aubergine chips and fennel dip (yum) and an amazing Italian leaf and sausage pizzette. It was all fantastic tasting, and topped off with a ‘peanut butter and jelly sandwich’ which was actually slices of peanut butter icecream with a lovely raspberry coulis in between. Total yumminess.

You might have to wait to sit in Spuntino, but it’s worth the wait. Get a glass of Prosecco, sit back, and don’t forget to order shoestring fries. No telephone, no reservations.

Spuntino, 61 Rupert Street, Soho, London W1.