Marc Jacobs

My name is Carli and I am a pyjama-lover. Yes you read that right. Not a lover of frilly negligee puffs that I’m sure I should like, or tiny underwear-esque silk knicker-style ones. And definitely not ‘ironic’ pyjamas that have slogans, cute teddy bears or Mr Men on. No, I like real pyjamas, ones that star in the 1950s, Mad Men and suave men reading the paper on a Sunday morning in a mahogany library. Ok so they were originally the preserve of men, but proper long sleeve button-up pyjamas with traditional piping are now coveting by many women, including me. And it doesn’t stop there. You can get the same two piece style in beautiful silks, trimmed with understated cuffs and collars, or in check, stripes or diamond patterned. Oh the choices! My dream is to have a pair from Olivia von Halle – the different options are as varied as choosing a t-shirt from H&M, but all luxuriously, frivolously, fantastic.

So what a delight, dear readers, to see Mr Marc Jacobs embracing my vice as well! Never mind the stunning show set-up, the Jessica Stam hair, the parade of of-the-moment models, look at the pyjama influence! There were button down tops but in sequins and silk and topped with fur jackets, there were long lazy silk dresses, fulfilling my second desire for the entire wardrobe from The Great Gatsby, and to top it off, Marc Jacobs himself WAS WEARING PYJAMAS. It was almost too much to bare. Hashtag-in-love, as my inner fashion girl would say.

Marc Jacobs

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