BAFTA Red Carpet

The most popular types of post on my old fashion blog were red carpet run downs. Mainly because I like to dissect good and bad sartorial decisions but also because, frankly, I’m sometimes a bitch and sometimes it’s funny.

There wasn’t much to be bitchy about on tonight’s red carpet, but nothing that made my jaw drop. Although to be honest, after years of outfit judging, it takes a lot to make my jaw even tentatively lower. I don’t think I’ve truly loved a red carpet look since Gwyneth Paltrow found her legs, eye liner and Balmain.

So February is here already, and so are the BAFTAs. Our well-dressed fodder had to brave a London deluge, a soggy red carpet and and a bit more than a chill in the air. The men, already in tuxedos, were smug in overcoats, but the women had to grin and bare shoulders, arms and décolletage, in an age where still, sleeves are apparently the failing of a Pretty Girl.

There was a lot of black. SJP wore a too-safe jumpsuit, Amy Adams wore a too cruise-liner sparkle-and-laced topped number and oh I’ve already forgotten the rest. I’m more a fan of the Little Black Look than most, but people, it doesn’t have to be dull.

There were a few moments: Helen Mirren arrived with pink hair, Jennifer Garner looked radiant and chic, the norm for her since the start of this awards season, and Marion Cotillard was a hero of colour in canary yellow, but although I love her, and love the colour, I wasn’t blown away for some reason – it felt like I’d seen it all before?

The stand-out for me was the lovely Miss Anne Hathaway. The haircut was one of the best things she’s done, offsetting a bloody beautiful face, and I liked that she chose a Brit brand with her studded Burberry. She seems more confident in her choices this year, there are less accessories and shine, more understated knowledge that she looks good in neat long skirted dresses and has the arms and shoulders of a ballerina ergo can ‘do’ strapless when suitable. The shape of the Burberry dress was effortless, I liked the slightly casual t-shirt style top and the stud detailing worked well with her hair. J’adore.

Anne Hathaway

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