How to start a new post on a new blog? The white space is almost intimidating. I am a writer by trade but a waffler in life, so expect posts from me to be somewhere between thoughtful and incoherent.

I used to run a fashion blog called Wardrobe Wisdom for years, it took me from university through my move to London and landed me with a couple of interesting jobs along the way. I closed it after a fit of pique, wanting a ‘rebrand’, some might say a quarter-life crisis. But although Twitter is amusing and Pinterest is semi-addictive, I miss a place to post those things that I find, and to have an outlet for when my brain Won’t Stop Thinking.

So you might see pipe dreams on here, you might see pictures, you might see (heaven forbid) an opinion or two. Oh, and because it’s fun to share, you’ll also see reviews, comments and the odd interesting thing from Mark. Happy reading.


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